For anyone from outside Thailand who has been living in Thailand for any length of time, they will certainly recognize one of Thailand’s signature problem as a plague of counterfeit products, pirated software and movies. The draw of vastly reduced prices and the desire to accept a copy keeps that market alive. But that all changes when it comes to a person’s health, mental health, or general wellbeing. When you are looking for a professional, you should not have to weed through all the bad ones to find the good ones.

There have been numerous stories in the news of people who passed themselves off as professionals doing medical procedures on unsuspecting people with the range of results being from disfigurement to death. That is the unfortunate nature of Thailand’s inability to stay on top of unqualified people. Those people just setup shop and pretend to be legitimate. Unfortunately that behavior extends into the area of mental health and beyond, and that is the primary motivation behind this website.

As Thailand lacks sufficient resources to keep unqualified people in check, the logical conclusion was for qualified professionals to list all qualified professionals in one place and list their Thai government supplied documents that make them legal making it easy for the public the check up on them.

The people listed on this website are professionals from their home country and have chosen to practice in Thailand. None of the people or professions listed here infringe on Thai only job descriptions such as medical doctors and so on.